MIKE URBAN - modelling water in the city

MIKE URBAN is the urban water modelling software of choice when the important parameters for model selection are usability, work flow, openness, flexibility and GIS integration as well as physical soundness, efficiency and stability of simulation engines. 

MIKE URBAN covers all water in the city, including:

  • sewers - combined or separate systems or any combination of these 
  • storm water drainage systems, including 2D overland flow
  • water distribution systems

MIKE URBAN is a complete integration of GIS and water modelling. All GIS licenses and components required are embedded in the MIKE URBAN licence.

MIKE URBAN is modular and comes in different sizes - making it easy to find a package which fits your project needs as well as your budget.

Even the smallest MIKE URBAN package allows you to edit network data in GIS and run simulations of collection systems as well as water distribution systems.

For descriptions of the MIKE URBAN modules, select the relevant application area in the right hand column.