West for Integrated Urban Water Systems

Based on state-of-the-art software technology, WESTforIUWS allows for:

  • Exploration of specific water quality scenarios developed by the system manager (e.g. flow diversions, introduction of tanks, changes in operation)
  • Automatic optimization of the operating parameters
  • Performing short-term and long-term evaluations
  • Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of the model to spot the most influential operating parameters and to assess the risk of non-compliance with regulations


  • Plant layout set-up (unlimited size and complexity) using the extended model and components library (including components for sewer, WWTP and surface water)
  • Dynamic and interactive simulation runs
  • Graphic display of data during simulation runs
  • Linking with GIS systems
  • Model Editor
    • Custom model development
    • Full editing capabilities for the processes and components in the Gujer (Petersen) Matrix
  • Parameter estimation
    • Parameter estimation based on comparison of simulated data with measured values
    • Multi-criteria optimization
  • Scenario analysis
    • Automatic execution of a set of simulations with different parameter values
    • Parameter and range selection
    • Parameter values can be manually placed, automatically spaced (linearly or logarithmically) or sampled from standard statistical distributions
  • Sensitivity analysis
    • Calculation of the absolute or relative local sensitivity of a variable towards a change in a certain parameter
    • Calculation of global sensitivity by means of Monte Carlo simulation
    • Automatic determination of the important model parameters
  • Uncertainty analysis
    • Automatic execution of a Monte Carlo simulation in order to evaluate uncertainty in the model predictions

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