MIKE 11 - river modelling unlimited

MIKE 11 is synonymous with top quality river modelling covering more application areas than any other river modelling package.

Typical MIKE 11 applications:    

  • Flood analysis and flood alleviation design studies
  • Real time flood forecasting
  • Dam break analysis
  • Optimisation of reservoir and canal gate / structure operations
  • Ecological and water quality assessments in rivers and wetlands
  • Sediment transport and river morphology studies
  • Salinity intrusion in rivers and estuaries
  • Wetland restoration studies

MIKE 11 is the preferred choice of professional river engineers when reliability, versatility, productivity and quality are the keywords.

MIKE 11 is accepted by US Federal Emergency Management Agency for use in the National Flood Insurance Program.

MIKE 11 is available in different language versions. Training is scheduled regularly in many countries and languages.

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